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Cia Fabricated Fittings

Bevelled & Concentric Reducers

Beveled reducers are made in one piece to be used as a reducer on insulated pipelines when either the pipe or the insulation continues on at a reduced size.

  • Available in Smooth or Stucco Embossed Aluminum finish.
  • A moisture Barrier is factory applied to the interior of the reducer.
  • When ordering, specify IPS & insulation thickness of the existing pipe and IPS & insulation thickness of the pipe you are reducing to.

End Cap

End Caps are made in two halves; one male half (no laps), and one female half (with laps). We suggest that the male half be fitted to the insulation first, and that the female half be applied with its laps on the outside of the male half. They may then be fastened with bands, screws or rivets. When there is no vapor barrier on the insulation under the metal cover, which could be punctured, we suggest using screws for the best fit.

  • End caps may be applied over or under the line jacketing, so they shed water. This is especially important for outdoor applications.
  • Caulk overlaps with a good grade a silicone caulking.
  • For optimum fit, use insulation materials which conform to ASTM designation C-450 method of fabrication.

Gore Elbows

Gore insulation elbow covers are fabricated in segments to cover insulated 45 & 90 degree elbows on insulated piping systems. They are made in .016” and .020” thickness. Gores are beaded and crimped to aid in application and weatherproofing. Individual gore pieces include a factory applied moisture barrier.

  • Available in smooth & stucco embossed aluminum finish.
  • When ordering, specify IPS, insulation thickness and whether the gore is to fit a long or short radius pipe configuration.

Line Flange

Line Flange covers consist of one piece of metal beaded at each end and two split, crimped end caps. The center of end caps can be scribed or cut to fit Pipe size & insulation thickness running to the flange. Advise “cut” or “scribed” when ordering.

  • Line flange covers are available smooth or stucco embossed aluminum or stainless steel. All metal selections have factory applied moisture barrier.
  • Line flanges may be fastened with banding, screws or pop rivets as determined by the insulator.
  • Overlapping should always fit so that flange cover sheds water.
  • Caulk overlaps and entrance holes with a good grade of clear or aluminum silicone caulking.


Fabricated Tee Covers are made in two pieces, bonnet and body, to weatherproof and protect insulated tees on pipelines. Bonnets are shipped unattached to the body and attached by the insulator with pop rivets or screws.

  • Fabricated Tees are manufactured from Aluminum or Stainless Steel in various gauges with either a Poly-kraft or Poly Surlyn moisture barrier factory applied to the interior.
  • When ordering please specify iron pipe size and insulation thickness.
  • Cia fabricated fittings are Made in the U.S.A. … and the metal we use is too!