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Cia Fiberglass Scrim

Regular plain rolls and “Sticky & Extra Sticky Fab”

Cia Scrim is 100% made in America……no other scrim maker can say that.

Cia 1658 – (20 X 10) is a plain weave fabric. Yarns are interlaced in an alternating fashion, over and under every other yarn. The basic pattern has 20 threads running across the fabric and 10 threads running lengthwise in each square inch.

Cia 1671 – (10 X 10)
is a leno weave fabric. This is a structure where paired warp yarns are intertwined in a series of figure eights and filling yarn is passed through each of the “eights” producing a more firm open mesh. This style provides a larger open mesh, allowing greater “flow-through” of coatings and is desired by coating manufacturers. The basic pattern has 10 threads running across the fabric and 10 threads running lengthwise per square inch.

Sticky-Fab & Extra-Sticky – is a name arrived at in the field for fiberglass scrim, factory coated with a light adhesive. Available in various widths, Sticky-Fab stays in place as the insulator wraps pipe insulation. Sticky-Fab is available in both plain and leno weave scrim. Cia Extra Sticky is just as the name implies…it’s extra sticky.

The weave: The weave is important – consisting of interlacing fiberglass filling yarns with a series of warp yarns at right angles. Interlacing the two systems provides a product with integrity. Cia scrims are not a hybrid…they are a 100% fiberglass product.

The finish: Coatings on Cia scrims are Styrene Butadiene Rubber. This coating provides a powerful weave set, stabilizing the weave and bonds well with many different types of sealants and coatings. The finish offers three different functions: to improve the bond of the fabric, to assist in abrasion resistance, and to stabilize or set the weave.

Cia fiberglass scrim is 100% made in America

Warehouse stocks turn quickly…often daily…call for availability
Normally stocking:

20 X 10

  • 3″ Plain and Sticky
  • 4″ Sticky
  • 36″ Plain and Sticky

10 X 10

  • 3″ Sticky
  • 4″ Sticky
  • 36″ Plain and Sticky