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Shield Metal Products

A Complete Line of Stainless Steel
& Aluminum Fitting Covers.

Ninety-eight percent of insulated piping covered with Stainless Steel jacketing is covered with .010 gauge, Type 304, 2B Finish jacketing. Shield Metal Products, founded by insulation contractors 45 years ago and now run by the son, a qualified insulation mechanic, knows that owners want a continuous appearance on their piping. Some stainless producers want you to buy a more costly Type 316 Stainless elbow, .016 gauge and consequently, you get an elbow that’s harder to work with and has a “shiny” finish.

Thinking as contractors, Shield’s goal is to produce a stainless steel elbow that matches the jacketing application…that’s what you get with Shield…why do it any other way.

Two Piece Elbows

ALUMINUM – 1100 alloy .020 gauge
Available in 45 degree and 90 degree smooth finish and stucco embossed. All are designed to work in hot or cold service and are lined with a protective moisture barrier.

STAINLESS STEEL – Type 304 .010 gauge – 2B FINISH
Available in 45 degree and 90 degree smooth finish in T-304.

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