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Cia Fabricated Fittings

Simplify your Next Job

  • Eliminate costly errors encountered in field fabrication
  • Reduce man-hours… use time insulating, not measuring and fabricating
  • Know exact cost of a fitting
  • Give your customer consistent quality on metal work

Beveled and Concentric Reducers

Beveled reducers are made in one piece to be used as a reducer on insulated pipelines when either the pipe or the insulation continues on at a reduced size.

End Cap

End Caps are made in two halves; one male half (no laps), and one female half (with laps). We suggest the male half be fitted to the insulation first, and the female half be applied with its laps on the outside of the male half.

Gore Elbows

Gore insulation elbow covers are fabricated in segments to cover insulated 45 & 90 degree elbows on insulated piping systems.

Line Flange

Line Flange covers consist of one piece of metal, beaded at each end and two split, crimped end caps. The center of end caps can be scribed or cut to fit Pipe size & insulation thickness running to the flange.


Fabricated Tee Covers are made in two pieces, bonnet and body, to weatherproof and protect insulated tees on pipelines. Bonnets are shipped unattached to the body and attached by the insulator with pop rivets or screws.